Deep Fried Film began in 2006 and has been running the Deep Fried Film Festival annually ever since. The Deep Fried Film Festival is an internationally renowned festival receiving global press coverage as well as the endorsement of several Celebrities whilst raising money for various charities. "It's great to see a festival so geared to helping and involving film makers as well as raising money for charity" Hugo Speer "it's great to see something like this in Lanarkshire." Paul Higgins "Growing up in North Lanarkshire, film festivals always seemed like something we only ever saw on TV as a location report from Barry Norman. The idea of one on our doorstep like the Deep Fried Film Festival is incredibly exciting, not just for aspiring film-makers, but for anyone with an appreciation of movies in general. So many of us grew up thousands of miles from where the action seemed to be happening, but now it's taking place five minutes away." Mark Millar "The Deep Fried Film Festival! It's Deep! It's Fried! It's a Film Festival! Where is it? When is it? Check it out if you're cool. Ignore it if you're a schmuck!" Dave Anderson "That sounds great. I'll definitely check it out." Billy Boyd Over the years the festival has been lucky enough to have several famous people participate in the festival including: Peter Mullan, Jonathon Ross, Paul Barber, David Hayman, Josie Lawrence, James Van Der Beek, Michael Sheen, JK Simmons, Scott Krinsky, Scott Wolf, Sean Patrick Flannery, William Katt. Deep Fried Film is the company behind the festival and we offer a variety of  services which enables us to run the festival.